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About Us

My name is Silvia, I'm originally from Mexico, but living in Ireland since 2016. After an inspirational trip to different traditional indigenous towns in Mexico in 2019, I realised that I wanted to bring a little piece of my country to my second home.  This is when MÉIREX was born, from the fusion of the two cultures (México & Ireland). 


Since I was a kid, I grew up surrounded by indigenous communities; in fact, my grandmother had indigenous roots. I have always felt proud of my roots and the cultural richness of my country and its people. 

That's why, it is my mission in life to promote the artistic work made by Mexican indigenous communities.

For me, it is very enriching to combine something that I love with something that I wish. That is to generate a sustainable economy within the indigenous communities, while offering you unique pieces with a story behind that you won't find anywhere else!


All our products are 100% embroidered by Mexican hands using traditional methods. We work directly with artisans from different regions to adapt the traditional craftsmanship from Mexico to the Irish fashion. We aim to blur the line between both cultures by incorporating artisanal products with a modern twist into your everyday essentials. 

Our purpose is to promote more sustainable consumption in Ireland by offering you unique products that have a story behind them.


I hope you like what the artisans and I have prepared for you with all the passion and love

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