• Smile every time you reach for your makeup. These one of a kind, hand embroidered zipper makeup bags are perfect for keeping your bits and pieces organised.


    Each makeup bag has a unique waist loom woven pattern and comes in a variety of colours. This variety of woven is made in Chiapas, in the southeast of Mexico by Mayan women. Weavings are made on a back-strap loom using a process called brocade, this process consists on creating designs as they weave. This back-strap loom gets its name from the way it is attached to the artisan’s body. At one end, the artisan ties the bottom of the loom around her/his lower back using a wide leather belt. On the other end of the loom, the weaver attaches it to a fixed and sturdy object such as a tree.

    Handmade Chiapas Woven Makeup Bag


    21 cm wide by 12 cm high