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Chiapas is a state in the southeast of Mexico. Chiapas is known for its particular embroidery designs that reflect the lush floral landscapes from the region. Chiapas counts with more than 3,000 different types of flowers, that represent 50% of the total biodiversity in the country. It also has the largest number of municipalities where almost all its inhabitants are indigenous. 


Indigenous artisans from Chiapas are known for their handcrafted cultural art forms. They use different crafting methods like the traditional back-strap loom weaving and the embroidery with a pedal machine. The high quality, natural textiles, often made of wool or cotton sourced from the area, serve as a canvas for the brilliant artistry and lively hues of traditional crafts. 


Yucatán is a state in the southeast of Mexico. It is well known for cenotes; that are natural underground cave systems filled with water coming from underground.

Cenotes have had an impact in the Yucatán traditions as it is believed the first embroideries, from the prehispanic era, were found in a cenote.

The embroidery is made by Mayan women, and it is based on multicoloured stars and flowers. This type of embroidery is designed and drawn hand-free on the cloth and then embroidered with the pedal machine using cotton threads of different colours.

The embroidery is one of the main supporters of the economy in the Yucatán indigenous communities.


Hidalgo is a state in the centre of Mexico, very near Mexico City. The state is well known for their traditional embroidery called Tenangos.


Tenango embroidery is one of the most known Mexican artisanal tradition. This embroidery is characterised by the multicoloured and mystical representation of animals and flowers from the region as birds, flowers and deer as well as the prehistoric paintings found in local caves.

It is designed and drawn free-hand on a cream cotton background with a pencil and it is completely hand embroidered. Each piece requires several days of work and design, which makes every product unique and different. The embroidery is the story behind the artisan and each finished product is engraved with a piece of their culture just waiting to be shared with others.