• Elegant handbag created to match with every outfit. The elegance of the embroidery combined with the vegan leather makes this handbag unique. It is roomy and stylish, which makes it great for work, school or simple for a casual day out. Inside the bag there are 3 pockets: 2 large - for a purse, e-book or laptop!, one for the phone and other for different things.


    Hand stitched and hand embroidered by a pedal machine. Made from artisans from Molas, Yucatán. The design is hand made and drawn on the cloth and then embroidered with the pedal machine using cotton threads of different colors. The piece is made by Mayan women, who  are taught the art of embroidery, by their mothers and grandmothers, from the ages of 5 or 6. Most of the designs are normally learned by heart and followed intuitively without patterns. This activity is one of the main supporters of the economy in the Yucatan indigenous communities.

    Handmade Embroidered Yucatan Handbags

    SKU: MRX0019

    28cm wide by 25cm high